Potholes deeper than splash pools?

No school books?

No electricity?

Mansions built on mountain tops but no drinking water in the valley?


If you are frustrated with the way South Africa is run, this is for you:

Attention intercessors, I came across something cool. If you are born again, the Holy Spirit can even quicken your practical talents to manage a nation look at this: The Greek word for the spiritual gift of administration is Kubernesis. This is a unique term that refers to a shipmaster or captain. The literal meaning is “to steer,” or “to rule or govern.” It carries the idea of someone who guides and directs a group of people toward a goal or destination. We see variations of this word in verses like Acts 27:11, and Revelation 18:17.

With this gift the Holy Spirit enables certain Christians to organize, direct, and implement plans to lead others in the various ministries of the Church. This gift is closely related to the gift of Leadership, but is more goal or task oriented and is also more concerned with details and organization.

See also I Corinthians 12:28, Titus 1:4-5.
So please, storm heavens with me that God will appoint born again children of His into the strategic positions. With this amazing gift, there is hope to fix the major problems this country is experiencing. Who is with me in this?


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