DAY TWO – Pray for:
The Church, for it’s leaders, for revival, and for our own personal places of worship.

Psalm 29:3-8: The voice of the Lord is over the waters, the voice is powerful, full of majesty, …..
The voice of the Lord divides…. The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness….

Today, as we enter into prayer, let our focus be on declaring and prophesying to our government, our church’s, our leaders, our personal situations.  As we declare and prophesy God’s word over each entity, there will come a shaking, and a release.  God’s word is spirit and it is life, (John 6:63) and as we release it into the Spirit realm, it does not return void.  The church needs revival, our leaders need to walk in the fear of God and rule well, personally we need breakthrough!!  Begin to release the sound of God’s word, so as to bring a SHAKING!!! I see the tree being SHAKEN, and much change in our land!!  We will have victory!


  1. S.A. may turn back to God
  2. God’s will & purpose for this nation to be released
  3. All to live in peace, prosperity and goodwill

Isaiah 58:6-8 is the basic scripture for our fasting.  Continue to check the web for our FASTING SCHEDULE!

South Africa is in a KAIROS time, and if we the body of Christ do not take advantage of this window of opportunity, whereby God is calling His troops, to pray and fast, we could loose our country to forces of darkness that we have no control over.
We ask you to prepare yourself for this call to PRAYER & FAST!


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