We are excited to bring you this year’s God Said 2017! The Lord has once again given words of great encouragement, wisdom and prayer directives for the next season. The prophetic words received during our time of hearing God was as encouraging to hear from the Lord, as we believe it will be for you the reader to read.

Since the start, the Lord has given very prominent words for our home nation South Africa and many other nations in the world. The testimonies and feedback from these words have been of tremendous encouragement to us! We are astounded at how the Lord directs the nations and His people through the prophetic word!

This year without fail, we will be bringing God’s instruction and words concerning South Africa and key nations. We trust and pray that the Word of the Lord will resonate with your spirit and give you clarity and strategy to prepare for the next season.

Although we believe these words are prophetic directives for 2017; that was the focus of our prophetic gathering. As always, we want to remind you that no prophecy is limited to any year. Some words will overflow into the next years and seasons as set by the Lord. The ultimate fulfilment will be in the appropriate time as the Lord Himself has determined. Our prayer is that you, the reader, will be successful and prosper in 2017 as you align yourself with the word of the Lord as contained in this God Said 2017!

Prophets Round Table

South Africa

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